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Magnesium & High Blood Pressure: What you should know.

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Wellness

Magnesium has been a favorite mineral in the Naturopathic community for quite some time now for many reasons. It has been studied for its therapeutic benefits ranging from constipation to hypertension.

If you are looking for additional support to your high blood pressure medications, you can look to the research studies on Magnesium to find some pretty neat outcomes.

Consumption of magnesium may lower blood pressure as much as 2.7 – 5.6 mmHg on the top number and 1.7 – 3.4 mmHg on the bottom number1. Considering studies have shown that reducing blood pressure by 5 mmHg can reduce stroke mortality by 14% and coronary heart disease mortality by 9%2, magnesium could be a great additive therapy to existing an high blood pressure regimen and help your long term health outcomes.

Some proposed mechanisms that allow magnesium to work on your heart include1:

  • Magnesium acting as a natural “calcium channel blocker,” blocking calcium from attaching to the heart muscle cells, and not allowing them to excite. This also can cause the blood vessels to relax, open up, and allow more blood to flow through.4
  • Magnesium is an essential co-factor for an enzyme which creates prostaglandin E1, a naturally occurring lipid-like molecule that has hormonal activity,  that allows your blood vessels to relax, and your platelets to not be as sticky.

Researchers found that taking magnesium with taurine also had better outcomes on lowering blood pressure in comparison to magnesium alone1.

While dietary forms of magnesium are best, getting enough magnesium in your diet can be challenging and often additional supplemental magnesium is required.  There are many different forms of supplemental magnesium, but generally supplementing with magnesium taurate or magnesium malate is optimal for heart health.

Some great dietary sources of magnesium include3:

  • Rice bran= 781mg
  • Brazil nuts= 376mg
  • Almonds= 268mg
  • Kelp= 121mg
  • Coconut (dried)=90mg
  • Spinach (cooked) = 88mg
  • Dried figs= 68mg
  • Dried prunes= 41mg

**Based on 100g portion size

At Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center, we do a comprehensive assessment of important biomarkers to determine your risk of heart disease. We can help you lower your blood pressure naturally and safely, while making the appropriate supplement & herbal recommendations.

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