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Do you experience acne during your cycle? Painful cramping? Missed or inconsistent periods? All of these symptoms can be a sign that your hormones may be slightly out of balance (because your period doesn’t have to be the worst few days of your month). While our body does an incredible job of orchestrating the symphony… Read More

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At Minneapolis Integrative Medical Center, the vast majority of our patients are female. My estimate is that we treat about 85% female patients and 15% male patients. The “why” of that is not because women have more health issues than men, or that they’re hyper-sensitive and seek out treatment. It’s more often because they’ve been… Read More

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“Healthy eating” is a bit of a misnomer if you ask our team at Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center. And it’s not only because you can find support on the Internet for nearly any fad diet or food trend you’re interested in. But what we mean is more related to the conventional idea of healthy foods.… Read More

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What Our Patients Say

Dr. Wilder has been beyond helpful in addressing my symptoms! Physically and mentally, I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t start seeing Dr. Wilder. Very grateful for her integrative and functional approach to healthcare.

Dr. Wilder is an extremely knowledgable physician, she takes the time to explain complicated concepts in an “easy-to-understand” manner. Her cheery demeanor is a gift to the state of Minnesota! Highly recommend.

Katherine is a pleasure to work with. Her warm demeanor made me feel calm, yet empowered at the end of each session. She is a wealth of knowledge and so eloquently translated complicated nutrition information into simple (and fun!) tips that I have easily incorporated into my daily life

It is more like a team then just Dr patient. SEE HER! It has already improved the quality of my life! She is legit and knows her stuff. You will not regret your time or money.

Digging deeper into your health in ways other doctors don't.

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