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We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about what parts estrogen, progesterone and testosterone play in the story of your hormonal health. Individually, they can appear to be both villains and heroes, disrupting our bodies’ natural systems and convoluting symptoms. But together, these hormones make women unique and beautifully made. Here’s how. All our hormones… Read More

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  You’ve met the hero (progesterone) and the villain (estrogen) of our hormonal health story, and now it’s time for you to meet the underdog—testosterone. It’s often thought of as another villain because, in excess amounts, it can cause masculinization of your feminine features (or back-acne). The truth? That type of testosterone “overdose”  is much… Read More

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When we think of the hero in our hormone story, progesterone usually comes to mind. It’s the cooling, nourishing, calming feminine hormone that is the perfect balance to your estrogen. (Did you catch part 1 of the story on estrogen? Check it out here) What does progesterone do to benefit you? Many things, including: Contributes… Read More

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