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Starting a gluten-free diet has become nearly as trendy as plastering a unicorn on your Instagram feed. The sticky, elastic protein found in wheat and other grains like rye and barley, has gained a bad rep, as people without allergies or celiac disease report feeling better when they eat gluten-free. But how do you know… Read More

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At Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center we are data driven. We can get to the root of your concerns by knowing exactly what is going on inside your body & base our recommendations on your biochemistry. It may sound complicated – but it’s actually really neat & useful. We take the time to explain your results… Read More

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People love rules. They love being told that if they just follow this one equation it will result in this awesome outcome. But we can all agree that most of the weight loss rules out there are outdated or created based on some wonky scientific research. Chances are you’ve tried to lose weight at one… Read More

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