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During a recent intake exam, I was chatting with one of my patients (let’s call her Sarah). Sarah had seen almost every doctor imaginable, from conventional and integrative to acupuncturists and energy healers—the whole nine yards! But no one seemed to be able to figure out how she could have “perfect” thyroid labs and be… Read More

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Glyphosate, chlorine, fragrances and a surplus of other toxic chemicals all up in your lady parts? Thanks, but NO THANKS. Believe it or not, we actually have to worry about finding non-toxic period products because a feminine hygiene routine can be a big contributor to our bodies’ chemical exposure. Think about it: We wear various… Read More

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There’s recently been a cultural shift in how we talk about women’s “personal” issues. Where there once was whispering and under-the-table discussion about periods, PMS, and menstrual cups, there’s now prominent celebrities discussing bleeding, breast tenderness, and mood swings on social media. Women are becoming open books in popular culture—but when they start talking about… Read More

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