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I get asked a lot about sugar. What are acceptable sugars, which should you avoid, how much sugar is too much sugar. It can all be really confusing. First, sugar is just the category heading for all sweet things. There are sub-categories such as naturally occurring sugars, refined sugar, artificial sugars, and natural sugar additives.… Read More

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Spring is just around the corner (no matter what the temperature outside says) and our bodies are beginning to rise to the season. Intuitively, our internal clocks know that spring means tossing off the hibernating tendencies of winter and blossoming into a more active, thriving lifestyle. One way we can support our bodies’ desire to… Read More

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If you’ve ever been diagnosed with IBS (or Irritable Bowel Syndrome) you probably know by now it’s just a catch-all term for gut issues that we can’t explain. When there’s no real pharmaceutical tool to fix the unknown stomach trouble, you may have left your doctor’s office feeling like “what the heck do I do… Read More

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