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Remember when all you saw on social media were smoothies packed with bananas, dates, pears, mangoes—and maybe a pinch of spinach? Those days are long gone if you carefully examine the feeds of food bloggers and influencers in the holistic living realm. Now smoothies are full of almond butter, kale, chlorophyll, turmeric, and adaptogens. But… Read More

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If you’re not an avid user of the current healthcare system—meaning you’re not regularly seeing your MD to refill prescriptions or having procedures done—you might not be familiar with a subset of your health plan that can actually help you pay for out-of-pocket services like more natural, integrative treatments. It’s called a Health Savings Account,… Read More

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You’ve heard that a nighttime routine is the key to better sleep, but what tangible things can you incorporate to trigger your body and brain to start slowing down, turning off and prepping for sleep? Let’s start with these five yoga poses. Creating a regular routine before bed is totally proven to help you sleep—but… Read More

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