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Whether it’s happening because of age or whether you’ve experienced some thyroid or hormonal shifts, realizing that you’re shedding more hair than normal can be a jarring experience. Clumps can fall out when you brush your hair, or you may just notice your hair not growing quite as quickly as it used to. Since we… Read More

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Women are the most intuitive patients that I work with. When they tell me they just feel ‘off’ or that they are exhausted, anxious, constipated, and unable to lose weight no matter how well they stick to their clean diets—they’re usually onto something. After a few more questions from me to confirm or tie together… Read More

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Let’s talk about anxiety, the amorphous and seemingly ubiquitous feeling many of us have experienced at some point in our lives. While anxiety can be a very serious and sometimes debilitating issue, it can also be a symptom that something bigger is going on with your body. There’s a difference between situational and generalized anxiety.… Read More

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