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Spring is on its way to full bloom, and with it, it could be bringing a stuffy, itchy nose, sneezing, mucus and more in the form of seasonal allergies. If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, you know how hard it can be to enjoy the changing of seasons when you’re constantly itching and sneezing and… Read More

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“Should I do a liver cleanse?” We get this question quite frequently this time of year. As we enter into the season of spring cleaning, it’s quite natural to turn to our bodies to see what we can do to better support our health. But before you turn to a juice cleanse or additional supplements,… Read More

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I see a lot of women who are “doing all the right things” when it comes to weight loss. They’re making healthy food choices, exercising regularly, drinking lot of water, attempting to moderate their stress levels—but their goal of weight loss just isn’t happening. It can often feel frustrating to not know where to turn… Read More

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What Our Patients Say

It is more like a team then just Dr patient. SEE HER! It has already improved the quality of my life! She is legit and knows her stuff. You will not regret your time or money.
Katherine is a pleasure to work with. Her warm demeanor made me feel calm, yet empowered at the end of each session. She is a wealth of knowledge and so eloquently translated complicated nutrition information into simple (and fun!) tips that I have easily incorporated into my daily life
Dr. Cassie was very thorough- she asks questions, runs labs and afte rour first meeting had a hunch of what my issue could be. I safely and effectively have eradicated what has plagued me for years. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Cassie. Mostly I just want to say thank you for helping me to feel normal again.
Dr. Wilder is an extremely knowledgable physician, she takes the time to explain complicated concepts in an “easy-to-understand” manner. Her cheery demeanor is a gift to the state of Minnesota! Highly recommend.

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