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Welcome to Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center, a modern integrative medical practice that allows your doctor to be your partner in health.


Exclusive access to our team


Whole-body approach to healthcare


Comprehensive lab testing

Health available when you need it.

Modern society often requires us to juggle multiple roles―career trailblazer, parent, spouse, homemaker, and more―all while being expected to look and feel perfectly composed. Diagnosing and treating yourself shouldn’t be your part-time job. Let us handle the medicine & provide you with unlimited support along the way. We remove the obstacles to health by allowing exclusive access to our team.

Medicine, customized to fit your needs.

Because achieving optimal health is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We take the time to listen to your concerns, run the necessary lab testing to get to the root cause, and personalize your care plan get you back on track to feeling like yourself again.

Focused on you, not insurers.

We answer to you – not your insurance company. This offers us flexibility on the care we provide & gives you the control over your health you deserve. Use your HSA/FSA benefits on membership, and some labs ordered by your provider may be covered by insurance.


How our process works


Wellness Assessment

Meet your team and take a deep dive
into your current health concerns.


Diagnostic Testing

Based on your symptoms, your
doctor may recommend lab work.


Treatment Plan

Review your health data and decide on a
membership plan that works for you.

The MIMC Membership

Meet our healthcare providers

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