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“Healthy drinking” feels a bit like an oxymoron. Much like any tasty thing, alcohol is best sipped in moderation. Now, this isn’t a blog set on convincing you to quit… Read More

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Ever feel so fatigued that you struggle to enjoy activities that are typically purposeful and enjoyable? Ever feel like you drink coffee, pop, or other caffeine sources like your life… Read More

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Feeling super sluggish, experiencing mood swings and brain fog, irritation and seriously frustrating and painful periods? Estrogen dominance could be a culprit. Estrogen dominance occurs when the level of estrogen… Read More

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What Our Patients Say

Katherine is a pleasure to work with. Her warm demeanor made me feel calm, yet empowered at the end of each session. She is a wealth of knowledge and so eloquently translated complicated nutrition information into simple (and fun!) tips that I have easily incorporated into my daily life

Dr. Cassie was very thorough- she asks questions, runs labs and afte rour first meeting had a hunch of what my issue could be. I safely and effectively have eradicated what has plagued me for years. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Cassie. Mostly I just want to say thank you for helping me to feel normal again.

Dr. Cassie takes a unique approach with her patients. Rather than spend 5 or 10 minutes with you she takes the time to truly understand your challenges. She really listens. Not only that, but she is incredibly knowledgable and has an amazing team to round out your treatment.

Dr. Wilder is super knowledgeable and cares about the health of each and every one of her clients. She take the time to listen and get to the root cause of your problems. She has helped so many of my clients figure out their health issues and improve their quality of life. If you want a doctor that actually listens to you she is your person!!!

Digging deeper into your health in ways other doctors don't.

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