Four Thyroid Labs Conventional Doctors Might Skip—And Why They’re Necessary to Help You Feel Better Faster

Women are the most intuitive patients that I work with. When they tell me they just feel ‘off’ or that they are exhausted, anxious, constipated, and unable to lose weight no matter how well they stick to their clean diets—they’re usually onto something. After a few more questions from me to confirm or tie together… Read More

Hormonal Health Series Part 4: How Do All My Hormones Work Together?

We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about what parts estrogen, progesterone and testosterone play in the story of your hormonal health. Individually, they can appear to be both villains and heroes, disrupting our bodies’ natural systems and convoluting symptoms. But together, these hormones make women unique and beautifully made. Here’s how. All our hormones… Read More