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23 Healthier Holiday Recipes to Bookmark For Your Gathering

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Wellness

pork chops on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes with cranberry relish

Looking for healthier holiday recipes? You’re in the right place! In preparation for Thanksgiving gatherings, we have compiled a list of recipes so you can still enjoy the holiday classics while focusing on including nourishing foods in your diet and avoiding food intolerances! Each section is labeled for different dietary needs. 

Healthier Roasted Turkey

If possible, support local and purchase a turkey from a farm near you. Co-ops and finer grocery stores often have organic or pasture raised turkey options as well!

Full turkey

Whole 30 friendly turkey

Turkey breast only

Gluten free turkey gravy

Healthier Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a staple during Thanksgiving dinner. Check out the healthier mashed potato recipes below, including a few mashed potato alternatives. 

Healthier Green Bean Casserole

In the Midwest, a casserole is a must-have for a holiday meal. These options give you the comfort-food hit you need without the heaviness. Enjoy!

Healthier Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is super simple to make homemade. Ditch the usual sugar-heavy recipes and try one of the recipes below! 

Healthier Desserts

Pumpkin, apple, and sweet potato desserts just scream fall. All of the recipes below are refined sugar free and be modified to be gluten or egg free, if that’s one of your food sensitivities. Any and all of these will make great additions to your holiday meal!

Wondering if you have a food allergy or sensitivity? Check in with our dietician to learn more about the food that fuels you!


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