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Is your supplement cabinet full of junk?

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Wellness

We are in a society today where you have more choices about where you buy your natural products from than ever before. Online retailers, your local grocery or vitamin stores or your aunt at every family gathering.

With so many people suffering from stress, digestive concerns, stubborn weight gain, and nutritional deficiencies it’s no wonder that the supplement industry has quickly turned into a money making machine. And not to mention marketing tactics today would literally have you trading your kidney for some of those collagen peptides. Who do you trust?

Are you really getting what it says on the bottle? The supplement industry has been exposed many times for capsules in your bottle being different than the label, and overloading products with fillers, and cheap, synesthetic ingredients that cut costs. And almost worst of all – manufacturers are leaving out or replacing the absorbable form of the vitamin, or not using the medicinal part of the plant – yet still claiming the same health benefits.

As a consumer of these products, many people have a belief that taking these pills will replace healthy diets, exercise, proper sleep hygiene, or proper medical advice all because the label on the bottle promised them big benefit. It’s the consumers desire for a quick fix, to look and feel their best that has them taking spreadsheets full of supplements that they may not even need.

So who do you trust to tell you the truth, identify specific deficiencies that are causing your concerns, and point out weak links in your hormonal pathways? Your body, that’s who. By doing laboratory testing you can find out the true cause of your concerns and buy targeted supplements that are necessary to fix what your body is telling you is wrong.

But it’s too expensive – how much did you spend last month on supplements alone without any knowledge that you needed them? Hundreds? You don’t have to tell, but with a comprehensive thyroid panel starting at under $20, finding the cause of your concerns can save you money in the long run.  And while buying supplements from the local grocer may save you money upfront, the likelihood it contains the proper therapeutic dosing, and quality ingredients could have you taking handfuls more than buying physician-grade products from a reputable source.

The choice is always yours, but next time you make a supplement purchase be sure that it is from a reputable source & is treating the cause of your concern!



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