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You’re getting in the way of your own weight loss

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Mental Health, Nutrition, Wellness

We’ve all been there. Created a resolution to lose weight, and 1 month in we’ve fallen off the bandwagon and now feel more disappointed in ourselves than we did last year. In fact, self-criticism might be the only way you know how to motivate yourself to achieve your weight loss goal. You’ve taken all those negative feelings and internalized them and started assuming it would push you to work harder at the gym, make your feelings of starvation worth it, or somehow comfort you when you’re skipping social events with friends out of fear of isolation. You don’t need reprimand; you’re already doing that yourself.

Here’s what you need:

Change in your mindset:

When you free yourself from the word ‘dieting’ and the constant yo-yo of weight fluxuations, negative feelings of hunger, failure, and self-doubt and start embracing the fact that this shift of your nutritional consumption isn’t a quick fix, it’s not a gimmick or scheme, it’s now a way of life. One where you’re making calculated, conscious decisions about what you nourish your body with free of restrictions and counting calories. You’re creating a nutritional foundation that your health is being built on, so build one that you can be proud of.

Stop the self-sabotage

Just as your fingerprint is personal to you, so is your weight loss journey. Comparing yourself to other people’s journey isn’t fair to you, or your story. Constant critique of your imperfections takes your energy and mental availability away from your goals and into a spiral of crippling self-doubt. Self-criticism may have been a motivating factor to you before, but when you change to a motivation that stems from self-love, and not fear or hate of your body, you can let go of the unhappiness and enjoy the journey.

Aim to get healthier out of self-love

Losing weight is not just about vanity and if your goals are only ones of looking tone for your husband or ‘hot’ in a bikini, you’re destined to never be happy with the end result because you’re missing the bigger picture. It’s about finding happiness from focusing on, loving and respecting yourself and your temple. Optimal health is not just about a number on a scale, it’s about the longevity of your life, one that’s quality and filled with grand-children running around & adventuring with your significant other. Its about feeling energized, passionate, and invigorated to change the word around you and make an impact. Once you start to shift your goals to increasing the quality of your life, then each healthful piece of food you eat is you loving your body and protecting it from future harm and disease.

Lucky for you, self-love is a skill that everyone can learn and embrace. Don’t be afraid to master that skill. Learning to embrace yourself and your imperfections is a powerful motivational tool, but one that is not learned overnight. Don’t be hard on yourself when it takes time to develop this relationship, and try to avoid defaulting back to the undermining self-criticism you’re used it.



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