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Herbal Adaptogens You Need In Your Daily Routine

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Adrenal Health, Wellness

The effects of long term stress are becoming mainstream, and more and more research is suggesting we don’t know the depths to which pushing our bodies to the limit can cause harm. Doctors and researchers alike are finding correlations between chronic diseases (such as heart disease & depression) and continual stress – so what do we do about it?

Here at MPLS IMC, we treat stress a little different.

  1. In your detailed intake we first identify where your most significant sources of stress are coming from.
  2. We can test your bodies response to stress. By measuring your cortisol levels throughout the day, we can see the effects that stress has done to your normal rhythm.
  3. We prescribe lifestyle modifications such as meditation, journaling, and exercise to help you better manage your stress as well as herbs and nutrients to support your bodies response to stress.

Depending on your intake, we personalize the herbal preparations just for you. A gentle yet potent family of plants that are a perfect addition to balancing your bodies response to stress are adaptogens.


What are these power plants? Adaptogens are a plant family that helps to nourish, protect, and balance out your body, and as their name would suggest – help you adapt to stress. While there are a lot of research to be read surrounding their uses in boosting exercise performance, anxiety treatment, and even combating the side effects of cancer, this powerful family of botanicals will essentially be anything you need them to be. Depending on the herb, they can boost or balance out your immune system, they can help you relax or give you a surge of energy, put you to sleep or increase your mental focus. This is truly a family of herbs that are a welcome addition to your health routine.

Which Adaptogens may be best for you?

Anxious, foggy brain, nervous system exhaustion with difficulty allowing yourself to relax enough to sleep? Ashwaghanda would be the perfect addition. It’s ability to regulate your HPA axis, balance your hormones & boost thyroid function makes it a game changer for those who are go-getters. Best taken over time, this herb can help increase your energy and stamina.

Is it difficult for you to recover from exercise or your energy just crashes on the weekends? Are you always the one getting sick? Astragalus is perfect for supporting a normal, healthy immune system and build up deep immune strength.

Challenging to maintain focus or find yourself forgetting little things? Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) would be a welcome herbal addition to help decrease the distracting mental chatter, while promoting a calm and centered mental energy. This adaptogenic nervine is also a tonic to the blood vessels and has been studied to aid in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Interested to find out stress is affecting your health? Schedule your free 15 minute consultation call to discuss how we might be able to help.



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