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A Fall Wellness Plan for Working Moms

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Wellness

With back to school quickly approaching, moms may need a little extra support as the schedule changes from summer to fall. Getting kids up and ready for school, packing lunches, prepping for after school activities, and coordinating carpools can throw a wrench in whatever wellness routine you might have established over the summer. Never fear—there IS a way to prioritize your wellness amidst the schedule shift. Here are a few tips for creating a fall wellness plan that works for you.

Consider Adopting Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a way for busy moms to keep track of EVERYTHING in one place. It helps organize to-dos, provides a place for meal planning, and is totally customizable for your personal preferences. It lets you skip post-it notes, random note apps on your phone, and a separate place for your work/home to-dos, by systemizing it in a way that works for you. All you need to get started is a notebook, and this video.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

With the weeks potentially becoming busier as kids jump back into activities, sports, and clubs, having a set meal plan for each day of the week can be load off a working mom’s mind. You can do it in a few ways: 1) Create a wall calendar on which you write out the meals for each day of the week. This could mean getting older kids involved in the practice of planning and cooking, or it could just be a place to organize your thoughts. 2) Do a Sunday Set-up: Plan AND prep your meals on Sundays, so you’re just popping food in the oven or reheating it each evening. It can be easy and simple, or more complete and thorough, depending on your style.

Add Adaptogens to Your Life

Adaptogens are a plant family that helps to nourish, protect, and balance out your body, and—as the name would suggest—they help you adapt to stress. This powerful family of botanicals will essentially be anything you need it to be. Depending on the herb, adaptogens can boost or balance out your immune system, help you relax or give you a surge of energy, put you to sleep, or increase your mental focus. They’re a welcome addition to your health routine, and you can learn more about the best one for you here.

Schedule Those Wellness Appointments You’ve Been Putting Off

With your new calendar or bullet journaling system, you’ll likely have a better handle on your schedule come fall. Since you can see the pockets of free(er) time in your day, find the space to prioritize those wellness appointments you’ve been putting off. Been feeling totally drained and depleted? Your thyroid might be the culprit. Need a re-centering and grounding? Acupuncture might be for you. Just needing the time to relax and decompress? Schedule time into your day to take a walk before the weather turns. Adding mindfulness to your wellness routine doesn’t have to be grand or expensive—it can just mean giving yourself the attention you need so that you can give to everyone else from a full, rather than an empty, cup.

If you’re finding you need support for ongoing health issues, we can help! Schedule your free-15 minute consultation to find out more about how you can benefit from integrative medicine as a partner in your journey.



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