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7 Tips to Staying Healthy During the Holidays

by | Dec 10, 2023 | Wellness

Let’s start with the real truth–there are countless ways to support your immunity through the holiday season but we are all about bit-sized pieces here at MIMC. Today we’re taking some tried and true in addition to some tips you might not expect to hear.

  1. You’re not going to love this one but use the words “no thank you”, “sorry I/we can’t make it” when you need it. We’ve all been there, there’s a holiday gathering or weekend trip and you start to feel not-so-hot… 9 out 10 times we still go. ‘Tis the season and no one wants to miss a thing. Here’s where you really have to dig deep and listen to your gut. Backing out of holiday plans might hurt at the moment but promise in a month, 6 or a year–you aren’t going to be sad about it. This is about shortening the duration of colds and flus and pushing yourself will only perpetuate the virus, likely making it last longer. 
  2. Incorporate bone broth (unless of course your vegetarian or vegan–there are some great alternatives). Broths are nutrient dense, warming, easy to digest and have amino acids that can be anti inflammatory. Anything anti inflammatory–we’ll take it!
  3. Think D. Vitamin D, which boosts immune cell production and helps your body to create an antimicrobial peptide called cathelicidin, which “stops bacteria, microbes and viruses from spreading.

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  1. Magic treatment socks anyone? If you didn’t catch Cassie’s recent insta-tip, it’s time to head on over. Should you start feeling under the weather–try this tip! You won’t regret it.
  2. Load up on fluid. You’ve heard this a million times but we’re here to remind you one more time, because by staying hydrated, the communication between immune cells stays up to par and your body can more readily flush out toxins and unwanted invaders.  
  3. Reduce stress. Stress can also suppress the immune system, so take time to reset during busy times in your life. Our favorite ways to reduce stress: nidra yoga, short periods of meditation, acupuncture, epsom salt bath, walk, and simply breathing.

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  1. Sleep. This corresponds with all of the above. We know that our bodies recover during sleep so it’s no surprise that sleep helps with immune function. Trouble sleeping at night? Try avoiding all electronics for an hour before bedtime. Instead, read a simple book, meditate, stretch…unwind!

And, this is just the beginning. Drop a comment below on your favorite immune boosting go-to’


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