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Why choose a membership model of health

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Wellness

At Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center, we dare to be different. Here’s why:

Great medicine is about relationships and similar to other relationships in your life, a relationship with your physician should be rooted in trust, respect, and communication. A quality, relationship-driven model of medicine isn’t a 15-minute visit twice per year, refills on your medication without question of the cause, or skimping on the important issues such as diet and lifestyle factors. It is about having access to your physician for questions, receiving explanations of your lab results, and shared decision making between you and your doctor when it comes to treatment options.

Exceptional medicine is about understanding your patient, the individual who is in front of you. It is important to take the time to get to know their family life, stressors, life aspirations, spiritual/religious beliefs, and their health goals. Without that information, you really know nothing about them except maybe their name and vital signs.

Effective medicine takes time. Relationships aren’t built in 15 minute increments and there are not one size fits all treatment plan for better health. You would probably laugh if you overheard someone say “I went to the gym once this past year, and I’m still not losing weight!” Well, it’s the same in medicine; there is no magic pill, no special squat or ultimate nutrient that is going to produce good health, prevent disease, or reverse chronic concerns. You have to work everyday towards your goals, and when you get stuck or are ready to take it to the next level, you should have your health-care provider there to answer questions, cheer you on, and make sure your treatment still fits your needs.

The vision for Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center is affordable, effective, relationship-based medicine that allows YOU, the patient, to be in continuous collaboration with your healthcare provider. We’ve created a model that allows you more time with your doctor, whether it is in office or by other means, to discuss specific lab testing and individualized treatment plans to best fit your needs while addressing the root cause of your concerns. Our annual membership model has all the tools to allow you to be well and stay well. We’ve dedicated our entire practice to relationships, and we look forward to serving you .

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