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Where did my libido go?

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Hormones, Women's Health

Sex – that deed you couldn’t get enough of in your 20’s, and now you’ve got a career, and a family and you feel like you really can get enough. But is this a problem?

Your libido, or commonly known as your sex drive, is propelled by many factors: relationship status and quality, body image satisfaction, medication usage, hormone status, depression amongst many others. It can be a perplexing process to find out what’s salting your game.

While a low libido is a non-issue for some, others may be growing concerned about their (or their partners) lack of sexual desire. So how do we get more of it? Well, your body has the ability to make all the ingredients it needs for a great sexual recipe on a Friday night, but imbalances in hormones can prevent it from making adequate amounts.


It’s a completely normal biological response for your sex drive to decrease as you age, because the need to procreate decreases. However, if sex is a fun and enjoyable part of your relationship, hacking your hormones can help to find the desire you once had.

Estrogen & testosterone are key players in creating your sex drive & an imbalance can lead to you being in a mood – just not the mood for sex. Hormones such as cortisol, which is released when we are stressed, can have an opposite effect and dampen the mood.

And the molecule that is necessary to create all these hormones? Cholesterol. Yes, that number on a sheet of paper that we have been trying to lower for the past few decades is actually extremely important in the amount of hormones we make in our body. So when our cholesterol is low, and stress is really high, all the resources are going to cortisol and little is left to make estrogen and testosterone that juices us up.

While balancing hormones is one piece to the puzzle, keeping your blood sugar levels stabilized to keep your energy up, getting good sleep on a regular basis, and prioritizing adequate foreplay are all things that can help set the stage for an enjoyable night.



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