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On Your Team: How Membership at Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center Benefits You

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Wellness

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment confused or frustrated, feeling unheard or like your symptoms weren’t really acknowledged? Have you ever felt like you were having to do your own sleuthing to figure out what was going on with your health? Have you ever been told that everything in your bloodwork was “normal,” even though you were still having symptoms?

All of those are reasons why we started Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center. The way the healthcare system is currently set up isn’t conducive to developing a true relationship with your doctor, to getting more out of an appointment than a new prescription. We’re seeking to change that—and part of the way we’re doing that is through membership. Here’s how it can benefit you.

More Time With Your Doctor

Did you know that the average amount of time you get with your doctor in the traditional healthcare system is 13 minutes? That’s barely enough time to explain your symptoms, let alone give you a diagnosis that addresses the root cause.

Our Wellness Assessment, your first visit, lasts 90 minutes. You get an hour and a half with your doctor to review your medical history, explain your symptoms, talk about your health journey and complete a physical exam. And you leave with a five-part health strategy to start you on your path to wellness.

We do this extended initial visit for a number of reasons. First, it’s really important for us to get a complete picture of your health story. We need to hear about not just your current symptoms, but also your stress levels, what your work and family life are like, what you’ve struggled with in the past, and what you hope to accomplish with your treatment. We need to listen to you in order to treat you.

Secondly, by listening to you, your doctor can begin to see patterns, and start to put together a holistic view of your current health. Hearing your story helps us understand your pain points (literally and figuratively) so we can decide what bloodwork, lab tests and treatments to pursue. Each patient is different, and has different needs. By spending time with you and getting to know your health story, we can craft the health plan that’s best for you.

Access to More Than Just a Doctor

Membership at MIMC gets you more than just a doctor’s visit. You’ll also get access to our dieticians, who can help you begin to create a food plan that is tailored to your specific needs. You’ll learn more about what foods support your system and what foods might be tied to your symptoms.

With this cross-referenced and multi-faceted treatment, you’ll be able to see how your habits impact your health. Our doctors and dieticians will help you more deeply understand your complete health picture, and make it easier for you to follow a designated meal plan, with recipes, shopping lists, and recommendations for the foods that are best for you.

Better, Faster Recovery

With our membership model, you get to check in with your doctor and dietician both in person and via the phone and online messaging. That gives you more access to your practitioners when questions, concerns, or issues arise—and it all leads to faster recovery and symptom alleviation, because we’re walking your health journey together.

Because membership allows you to check in with your doctor and dietician more frequently, you’ll be able to catch flare-ups in process, before they become bigger issues. You can get your questions and concerns answered quickly, with our online messaging, so you can continue about your life, while making great steps toward better health.

With MIMC membership, you have a team working with you as things come up, and holding you accountable to your health plan. We work with you over time, so we not only get to know you, but we can also make adjustments to your tailored-to-you action plan. Your doctor will be able to effectively track your progress and provide recommendations for treatment changes, new bloodwork or lab testing, and changes to your food plan in a quick and nimble fashion. All of that leads to faster recovery from your symptoms, and a feeling that your holistic health matters.

MIMC Membership is about providing you with the best treatment for you. It’s individualized medicine at its heart, and it matters because you matter. If you’re looking for more personalized medicine that holistically examines you and your needs, give us a call to learn more about how membership can support your health journey.



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