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How to Set New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Meet

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Wellness

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Tis the season…. To set goals that we forget about by mid-January, right? At MPLS IMC, we’re all about re-inventing yourself, and regularly tuning into what you and your body need. But, we think it doesn’t just have to happen at the start of a new year.

If you’re planning on tackling a new habit come January 1, use our tips to capitalize on the momentum of the season while also realizing that this isn’t the only time of year you can take time to stop, reset and renew.

Break Your Goals Into Quarters

While New Year’s resolutions aren’t inherently bad, they can feel overwhelming to dive into all at once. That’s why we like to break our goals into quarters. Set one goal that you’ll try for the first three months of the year. Then, when three months are up, take time to re-evaluate if that goal is still working for you. Are you still eating paleo? Do you still drink 80 ounces of water per day? If it’s not working, ask yourself if that’s because it’s not for you, or if you need to recommit to the goal. Then, double down, or move onto a new goal.

Pick a Plan That Works for YOU

Everyone is different. Every BODY is different. That’s why it’s incredibly important to pick a plan that actually works for you, as an individual. Don’t hop on the bandwagon of a new diet trend or a new superfood if it’s not a true fit for you, your body and your lifestyle. This tip only works if you’re in tune with yourself, and what you need.

Set a Goal That Creates a Habit

Along the lines of choosing a plan that works for you, think about setting a goal that actually creates a habit, instead of something that you’ll just abandon. For instance, if you’re looking to eat less meat (for health or environmental reasons), don’t just set the goal of removing meat from your diet. Instead, create a habit or ritual around it: Try taking on Meatless Mondays, and create new, exciting plant-based dishes to go along with it. By starting the habit once a week, you might find that your meatless choices expand into other days of the week by accident!

Discover Your Obstacle

What’s the thing that trips you up from completing your goals? Are you trying to set some dietary guidelines to help benefit your health, but every time you travel, you side step them? Are you trying to ditch caffeine but you’re not creating sleep habits that allow you to feel ready to meet the day? Whatever your individual hurdle, it’s important to identify it so you can figure out how to overcome it. Spend some time thinking about the ways you typically avoid meeting your goals, and then create a plan to realistically overcome it.

Find an Accountability Partner

One simple way to help meet your goals, whatever they may be, is to tell someone else about them. Verbalizing them will help you conceptualize them more concretely. Ask your someone if you can check in with them about your goal on a weekly or monthly basis (you can do the same for them). Having to “report” to someone about your resolutions will make you more likely to hold to them.

Lacking a partner to dive into the deep end with? We at MPLS IMC can be your accountability buddy! We’re here for you as you strive for your health goals, and we’re accessible to all our members.

Think About What You Want to Add to Your Life (Not Just Subtract)

Resolutions don’t have to be what you want to give up or avoid. Often, we think of New Year’s goals as strict regiments that we’re subscribing to in order to “better” ourselves or our health. But what if you reframed that and considered something you want more of in your life? It could be more friendships, or more reading, or more walks with your dog. It could be more phone calls instead of texts, or more time for self-care. Whatever the “more” may be, adding it into your New Year can make goals feel more attainable.



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