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5 Ways To Use Your HSA That You Didn’t Know About

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Wellness

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Your Health Savings Account, or HSA, can be a bit of a life-saver. It helps reduce your out-of-pocket medical costs, especially if you’re working with providers or treatment plans that aren’t covered by your insurance. It’s a pre-tax account that you usually set up through your insurer (so if this sounds totally foreign to you, you’ll want to check in with your financial planner or HR rep at work to see if you qualify).

A little known fact about HSAs is that they can be used to cover services and some over-the-counter medications that aren’t part of your usual insurance benefits. Let’s chat about five ways you can use your HSA that you didn’t know about. 

5 Ways to Use Your HSA That You Didn’t Know About

Specialty Lab Testing

From hormone panels such as DUTCH testing to complete thyroid panels, stool panels, and more, you can use your HSA/FSA to help cover the costs. These tests are often necessary to get to the root cause of your symptoms, which can provide you faster relief on your journey to health.

Nutritional Supplements, or Herbal Medicines Prescribed by Your Doctor 

The use of integrative, holistic or functional medicine is becoming more and more well known as patients find it to be the best way to receive adequate medical care. Practitioners (including us at MIMC!) can utilize herbs, and nutrients in therapeutic doses to optimize your biochemistry. We often use supplements to do anything from help support adrenal fatigue to supporting hormone levels.

If you’re already using herbs and nutrients, why not stop in, get a personalized plan and utilize HSA benefits to pay for your treatments? You can even use your HSA for vitamin injections, which we’re now offering (B12 and D for current patients).

Acute Care

Whether you want holistic acute care or conventional acute care, your HSA/FSA can help here. At MIMC we offer a more holistic view to acute care including our wellness bundles, quick acting PMS support, and vaginal health support like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and more.

Self-Care Activities

Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care—these are all complimentary activities to the holistic care we provide at MIMC. Adding them into your health routine can help balance your body and give it the best chance to heal. And your HSA dollars can help!

Your MIMC Membership 

Yep, becoming a member at MIMC can be supported by your HSA. With your membership, you’ll get personalized care and treatment plans, unparalleled access to your providers, comprehensive follow-up exams, advanced diagnoses, and a community of practitioners who are committed to walking your health path with you. If you’re interested, set up an appointment to learn more

*Please call your HSA provider directly to determine if this falls within their specific accounts. There may be differences between carriers. 

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