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What to Expect During Your First Visit at MIMC

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Wellness

Scheduling an initial visit with a new provider can be a daunting task! It may be a new provider or an entirely new clinic. The key to any successful provider-patient relationship is trust, and that can be hard to build at first! We’re here today to pull the curtains back and guide you through what to expect from your first visit at MIMC so you can walk through the doors confident in your care from day one.

A thorough assessment of your health history

Prior to every new patient’s first visit, we require a new patient intake form to be filled out online ahead of time. This allows your provider to read up on your health history before you even walk in the door! By taking the time to fill out this important piece of the puzzle, you’re giving your provider the opportunity to further tailor your initial visit. They can narrow their focus on the highlights of your health history, the areas that they suspect could be the root of your symptoms. They can also tailor lab recommendations to your case specifically.

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At MIMC, we pride ourselves on an entirely customized list of lab recommendations. We don’t run any standardized panels, everything we recommend is custom fit to your specific case! As a general rule of thumb, any labs run later than the previous six months are considered out of date. If your symptoms have changed in the last six months, your provider may still want to repeat some of the labs that you’ve previously had run.

Pro Tip: Reach out to the admin team before your initial visit to learn how you can upload previous lab results!

A care team dedicated to your health and wellness.

Not only will you engage with your healthcare provider at your initial visit, you’ll also meet at least one member of our admin team and clinical support staff. Over time, you’ll get to know all of the friendly faces who are here to help guide you on your way to better health!

Our admin team keeps things moving with scheduling, billing, answering phones and returning your messages in ChARM. Our clinical support staff includes our nurses and virtual scribes help your provider carry out their carefully crafted treatment plan for you. And our one-of-a-kind health coach, Marwa, who will help you overcome obstacles and barriers in your journey!

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Want to know who you might meet on day one? Check out our team here.

An action plan for next steps.

Every new patient is encouraged to complete a Wellness Kickoff Call with our health coach, Marwa, after their initial visit. It’s a chance to break down the plan that your provider has outlined for you and identify barriers that might be holding you back from taking your supplements, getting your labs done or implementing the recommended lifestyle changes.

Or, you might use this session to do some visualization and goal setting with Marwa! Ask yourself, what do you want your health to look like in the next 6 months? The next year? Marwa can help you break down your goals into achievable, bite-sized chunks to keep the momentum moving forward.

The admin team will walk you through what’s next: completing labs and then following up with your provider? Scheduling your next visit? Coordinating any referral appointments if needed? Regardless of the number of to-do items, the admin team are experts in getting things done. They’ll set you up with automatic reminder emails and texts so that you never forget what’s next on your health journey with us!

We hope this quick breakdown of what to expect has eased your mind for the new and unfamiliar. We’re ready to take your hand and bring you through a patient experience like you’ve never seen before! Interested in scheduling your first visit or chatting with a team member about becoming a patient? You can schedule online here and reach out to us with all of your burning questions here.


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