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Wellness vs. Therapeutic IV Treatment

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Nutrition, Wellness

Nutrient IV treatments can now be found in almost every city, some malls, and through the convenience of mobile IV companies. We love how accessible and mainstream these options are and wanted to highlight some differences between wellness and therapeutic IV treatment options. 

At Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Clinic we focus on therapeutic IV treatments. These allow us to customize our drips and injections–specific to each patient, their unique conditions and the treatment plan we’ve devised together.

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Wellness IV options focuses on glow, hydration, energy, light immune support and hangover relief. The nutrient amounts are lower to make it safe for the masses without having to gather too much information from an individual. In doing so, the barriers to entry are minimal but come with little scientific evidence and while they might seem like a miracle treatment, that’s rarely the case.


Therapeutic IVs contain higher nutrient amounts formulated by providers who screen for safety prior to administration. Through that lens we focus on treating the root cause of our patients’ conditions. Some common conditions are autoimmune diseases, adjunctive cancer care, mold, heavy metal and chemical detoxification. 

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Both therapeutic and wellness IV experiences are safe, calm and generally comfortable (as long as you’re okay with IVs to begin with;) and are administered by trained professionals to educate and keep you at ease. 

How to use our services

Established patients of MIMC can reach out to their healthcare provider or a member of the administrative team to get scheduled for an IV! Members at MIMC can expect to receive their 10% discount on all infusion and injection services.

Non-established patients should reach out to the MIMC administrative team to see what options are available to them as some infusions may require a referral from a licensed healthcare provider. Email us at


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