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Tick Readiness Kit


Be prepared this tick season with MIMC’s own Tick Readiness Kit – curated by Dr. Crystalin Montgomery & Hannah Lewis

  • Have you ever wondered what to do if you were bit by a tick?
  • Have you ever found a tick on your body and were unprepared to help prevent the spread of Lyme Disease or other tick-borne illness?
  • Would you know who to call if you started developing symptoms after being bit by a tick?

This kit has been specifically designed to help with just that. Included in the Tick Readiness Kit is:

  • A how-to guide on tick collection & instructions on where to mail it in for disease identification.
  • All materials needed to collect the tick (transport tube & tweezers)
  • 3 herbal tinctures & 1 homeopathic with dosing instructions (adult and child) for those first few weeks after being bitten. Early intervention is paramount when attempting to prevent the spread of tick-borne illnesses. These tinctures will get you started until you’re able to get back to civilization & get what you need (like, antibiotics).
  • Detailed instructions on next steps, who to call and what to ask for. If you’ve never been in this scenario before, it can be alarming to not know what to do next. Let us take the guess work out of it with easy to follow instructions.

Items are sold as a kit and cannot be divided up. 

Free shipping available, or you can pick them up in-person at the MIMC Office (moving to Wayzata, MN April 2nd)