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Natural DIY Hair Loss Treatments You Can Try at Home

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Hormones, Thyroid Health

Whether it’s happening because of age or whether you’ve experienced some thyroid or hormonal shifts, realizing that you’re shedding more hair than normal can be a jarring experience. Clumps can fall out when you brush your hair, or you may just notice your hair not growing quite as quickly as it used to.

Since we can’t create new hair follicles, our best bet is to first address the underlying cause, be it stress, thyroid or hormonal changes. But once you’re on a diet and supplemental path to balancing your body from the inside out, a few DIY topical treatments have been shown to help promote and increase hair growth. Keep reading for a few at-home treatments you can try today.

Melatonin For Hair Growth

Melatonin is a hormone our bodies produce to regulate sleep and wakefulness. It’s produced by the pineal gland, and it has some proven results for waking up our hair follicles.

While the exact mechanism for melatonin’s effects on hair growth aren’t known, we do know a couple things about the hormone based on recent scientific findings:

  1. It induces the anagen (active) phase of hair growth. This helps extend the stage where our hair actually grows.
  2. It’s a potent antioxidant, which helps combat free radicals and prevents the  breakdown of cell structures. Just like antioxidants can help prevent the breakdown of collagen in our skin, melatonin can help bolster our hair follicles.

How to Use Melatonin for Hair Loss At Home


  • Powdered melatonin with no fillers (like this one).
  • Glycerin
  • 100 mL of distilled water
  • 4 oz. glass spray bottle


In a small bowl, mix ½ milligram of powdered melatonin into as small amount of glycerin as possible so it dissolves but isn’t too sticky. Pour your 100 mL of distilled water into your spray bottle. Add your melatonin-glycerin mix. Shake well. Spray directly onto scalp 4-5 times per week, at night, massaging in gently.

Natural Oils and Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Essential oils, which are gaining popularity in the mainstream, can be another way to strengthen and thicken hair.

Rosemary is one of the best oils for enhancing hair growth, which thickens the hair. Rosemary oil is believed to increase cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth.

Cedarwood essential oil can help stimulate the hair follicles by increasing circulation to the scalp, which can help boost hair growth and slow hair loss. Cedarwood can help treat thinning hair and various types of alopecia too.

Clary sage essential oil can help balance scalp oils. Sage has some similar properties as rosemary essential oil due its ability to increase cellular metabolism. It also can help balance hormones.

How to Use Essential Oils for Hair Loss at Home


  • 1½ ounces jojoba oil
  • 1½ ounces grapeseed oil
  • 30 drops pure cedarwood essential oil
  • 30 drops pure rosemary essential oil
  • 30 drops pure sage essential oil
  • 4 oz. glass eye dropper bottle


Pour jojoba and grapeseed oils into your bottle and add the drops of cedarwood, rosemary and sage. Blend well shaking vigorously (with the cap on). Apply generously and massage into scalp and hair, wet or dry, once a day or 3 times a week. Leave in hair for at least 20 minutes (longer if you can), or apply before bed and leave in overnight. (You may want to use a towel or shower cap to prevent staining your sheets or pillowcase.)



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