The Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center Membership

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Comprehensive Initial Assessment

Your first visit with your doctor includes a detailed 90 minute intake and physical exam. You’ll also meet with our registered dietitian to start your wellness journey!


Unparalleled Access

Unlimited emails straight to your providers inbox and quick responses so you can continue to go on about your day. Download our app straight to your phone.


Follow up

You and your doctor will review your comprehensive blood panels, and initiate treatment in a 30-60 minute visit. You will meeting regularly with your registered dietitian to stay committed to your nutrition plan!


Only the Best Medicine

Physician grade supplements & personalized botanical formulas, all from the most reputable sources.


Convenience of the Internet

Access to online scheduling of appointments, refilling your supplements, reviewing your medical records and so much more.

State of the art laboratory testing

Functional testing that looks at your whole health picture 

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Your wellness journey starts here.


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Frequently asked questions

Why choose the Minneapolis Integrative Medicine team?

Unlike other providers, our team is trained in integrative and functional medicine, meaning they take the time to listen to you, take a root-cause approach to diagnosing your concerns, and utilize nutrition, herbs, lifestyle changes, and cutting-edge testing to not only reverse and prevent disease, but to help you thrive.

Can I use HSA, FSA or insurance?

Yes, you can use a HSA or FSA account for your care with us! Your visits may also be covered by your insurance provider as out-of-network medical care. We provide you with a superbill to submit for insurance reimbursement – many members do receive some reimbursement.

We do our best to help you get the most out of the insurance premiums you are already paying for, but know we designed our plans to keep you get you healthy & prevent future disease.

Focused on the why.

Proper health comes from close, continuous collaboration with your health care team. Often times there is not just one root-cause of your concerns, as your body is all interconnected – when one system slows down it can impact the rest. Finding and correcting all the pieces to your puzzle takes time and dedication from both you, and your care team. And while natural methods, and lifestyle interventions are the best way to reverse and prevent disease they often need more time to work to get you back to feeling like yourself again. Our care plans allow the time and space for your success.

brazilnuts.jpgPersonalized health.

Working together with your care team, we will develop a plan – including nutrition, natural medicines, exercise, mind-body and more – that is customized to your lifestyle & needs. We’re there for you when you need additional support, recipe recommendations, a kick in the pants and our continuous collaboration allows for frequent updates to your health plan based on your progress.

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Compare our features

We are much more than your average medical practice. After your Wellness Assessment*, you’ll pick the plan that allows you the level of care you need.

A La Carte 6 Month Membership 12 Month Membership
Plan Length Flexible 6 Months 12 Months
Doctor visits included
Nutrition visits included
Direct message with your entire care team
10% store discount
Online portal
Access to advanced laboratory testing
Visit notes
Labs & data access
HSA/FSA Accepted
Insurance eligible*
Total investment Doctor: $275/hr // Dietitian: $125/hr $290 / month for 6 months $230 / month for 12 months

*Your Wellness Assessment has a 1 time fee of $300, billed once at time of service.

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