Jumpstart Your Thyroid

The 3-part webinar series that takes a whole-person, root cause approach to diagnostics and treatment of thyroid disorders. 

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Hi there!

It became increasingly clear after several conversations with patients that the information laid out in this webinar was not common knowledge. I hear your comments such as “I’ve got all the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism but I went to my doctor and he/she said I was fine” or “I’ve been on the same dose of thyroid medication for 15+ years and I still feel just as crappy.”

I hope you take away some really valuable information today – most importantly a better understanding of your body, your biochemistry and more actionable steps you can take to start feeling normal again. 

You’ll find that this webinar can get really technical. It’s not my intention to confuse you; it’s technical because I LOVE digging into the details. I believe it’s critical that you have a basic understanding about your body so that YOU can be in control of your health. If you don’t love digging into the details as much as I do, reach out! I’d love to connect with you over a free-15 minute consultation and discuss how all this medical jargon relates to you.

Yours in health,

Dr. Cassie Wilder

Part 1: Identify the cause

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This is what I love – digging deep into your biochemistry, finding where your thyroid isn’t functioning optimally and connecting the dots between your symptoms & your blood work.

This is how it’s done.

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Part 2: Treat the cause

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You’re probably asking yourself – where do I even start?

  1. Start by watching the next video on resources to help you navigate through this process. Being your own doctor doesn’t have to be your part time job – you have permission to ask for help.
  2. Reach out to us on Facebook or email
  3. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to talk through some of your options

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Part 3: Resources & Case Studies

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I’m hoping this video really hit home for you. All of these patients had ‘normal’ thyroid function but were definitely not feeling normal. When we dug deeper into the details, it turned out that their sinking suspicions were correct.

Another question I get a lot: how come my general practitioner didn’t run these tests? Well, one area where integrative medicine really shines is the size and depth of our tool box. We have a wide range of therapies from diet & lifestyle to herbs & nutrients that have the ability to target these different parts of your thyroid function. When all your general practitioner has is one therapeutic tool, whats the point in digging deeper?

I really hope you learned a LOT from this series. It was made with lots of love, passion & desire to help better your life. I look forward to connecting in the future and working for you.

-Dr. Cassie Wilder

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