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The Infusion Room

Medical-grade IV nutrient therapy 

Partner with the MIMC infusion room and experience nutritional benefits that support your healing journey. 

What Is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy, or IV therapy, is a fantastic way to deliver a dose of nutrients to your body. It bypasses the digestive system, allowing vitamins and minerals to absorb better in your body—so they can start doing their thing quicker! This is very beneficial for a variety of patients; whether you are managing a chronic condition, or simply want a boost to get over a common cold, infusion therapy is here to help!

For years we’ve incorporated infusion therapy into our practice to treat patients with a variety of ailments. From anxiety to migraines, Lyme’s disease to Parkinson’s—we love the powerful benefits that infusion therapy can provide. Therefore, we are so excited to offer infusion services to members of our community who are looking for the healing benefits of infusion therapy.

Our infusions are custom-formulated by our doctors, who have a combined 2+ decades of experience using high-dosed nutrient therapy to treat their patients. We know these formulations work, and we can’t wait for you to experience them, too.

Your partners in health,

The MIMC Team

Provider preparing for an infusion therapy service

Why Should You Try Infusion Therapy?

Therapeutic IV treatments offer a range of benefits that go above and beyond what someone could take orally. By taking in nutrients via IV, your body can easily absorb them—rather than losing a percentage of the nutrients like with digestion. Additionally, infusion therapy provides the following perks:

  • Delivering these nutrients with an IV allows them to enter your bloodstream directly, allowing for fast-acting benefits.
  • Infusion treatments are a fantastic option for people who have trouble taking in their nutrients via oral methods, or who have malabsorption conditions such as Lyme, Celiac disease, or SIBO.
  • Infusion therapy allows for larger doses of nutrients to be administered for maximum benefits.

You can learn more about infusion therapy with our blog: Wellness vs. Therapeutic IV Treatments.

Infusion Therapy Services

Complete Nutrient Infusion

This amazing IV infusion is our take on the multivitamin. Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, B-Complex, B12—all dosed for therapeutic benefit.

Best For: Recovery & rehydration, recurrent headaches/migraines, chronic fatigue, conditions that may limit your absorption of nutrients (gut issues, celiac disease, SIBO, etc.), recovery from alcohol use, allergies, and more.

1 x $230 // Package options for up to 25% off

Immunity Infusion

Our personalized immunity IV treatment has the nutrients your body needs to create new immune cells. Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium—all dosed for benefits that support your body post-recovery.

Best For: Fighting off the crud your kids or coworkers pass on, helping your tissues recover after the illness has passed, and helping prevent future illnesses. Also great for patients to treat chronic infections such as Lyme’s or reactivated EBV (mono).

1 x $230 // Package options for up to 25% off.

Adrenal Loving Infusion

This custom-formulated infusion is for those stressed out folks…get your adrenals in check! Vitamin C, Magnesium, B-Complex, B12, Taurine—all dosed to promote calming and lessen your fatigue.

Best For: Calming the nervous system and supporting symptoms of adrenal fatigue (anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue). Also great for patients with POTS or other dysautonomia (IYKYK).

1 x $230 // Package options for up to 25% off.

Liver/Detox Infusion

Try this personalized IV infusion to help support all your liver detox pathways! B-Complex, Amino Acids, NAC, with a glutathione push at the end.

Best For: Symptoms of estrogen dominance (we care about you and your cycle), or can be a good companion for a liver cleanse/detox. We also use this in-house for supporting blood sugar regulation, fatty liver recovery, and environmental detox (like mold and heavy metals).

1 x $250 // Package options for up to 25% off.

High-Dose Glutathione Infusion

This IV treatment focuses on one very important compound: glutathione. This glutathione infusion is a mega-dose of your body’s master antioxidant!

Best For: All the mitochondrial dysfunction symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, poor recovery from exercise or illness, and slow metabolism. We also use this with our patients to assist with environmental detox, supporting brain/cognition, liver issues, and support in cancer therapies (radiation).

1 x $230

NAD+ Infusion

Our special NAD+ blend includes both NAD and cofactors (because no nutrient works independently in the mitochondria). You’ll get NAD+, B-Complex, Amino Acids, and Vitamin C. Works best in graduated sessions, spread over 4 – 6 infusions.

Best For: Increasing ATP (energy) production that will support proper brain chemicals, hormone production, detoxification, DNA/cellular repair, nutrient homeostasis (stop the constant ups/downs), and more.

1 x $325 // Package options available

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