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How to Boost Your Energy in the New Year

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Thyroid Health, Wellness

Fatigue can be a normal part of human life. If you’re pushing yourself to the limits every day, over exercising, over stressing, and not getting enough sleep, it’s completely natural to feel tired. This kind of fatigue can cause you to nod off during a particularly boring business meeting, or force you into bed early but the exhaustion is typically resolved by a week-long vacation on the beach catching up on rest and relaxation (can you say trip to the tropics?).

But, if your fatigue is more than the run-of-the-mill tiredness, boosting your energy can be as simple as identifying the underlying cause. Our Energy Testing Panel could be the key to figuring out why your energy levels just aren’t what they used to be. It tests for nine markers that can reveal where your low energy is coming from (and gives us insight into how to support your body to get more energy, faster).

How to Boost Your Energy in the New Year

  • Reduce Your Caffeine Intake: Caffeine in limited doses (like 8 to 12 oz. per day) has been shown to be beneficial, and if you’re sipping coffee for enjoyment, I usually don’t recommend just ripping it away. Instead, swap out your Starbucks latte with a single shot of espresso, black herbal teas, or matcha! 
  • Evaluate Your Exercise Routine: If adrenal fatigue is a potential concern, exercising in the morning is so so important. Exercise is a body stressor and working WITH your body’s cortisol circadian rhythm is key to not disrupting your energy. If you only have time to exercise at night, make sure it’s not HIIT or other intense and stressful workouts. Try barre, yoga, stretching, or a brisk walk around the lake. 
  • Eat a Balanced Plate: Start your day with a fiber, protein, and fat source. This combo helps to maintain your blood sugar, and set you up for a day of success, rather than a crash mid-morning. Oh, and if you’re drinking that coffee? Make sure you’re eating it with more than a muffin to prevent other potential side effects or a harsher crash.

  • Evaluate Your Sleep Routine: Run through your nighttime routine to help you get closer to the deep, quality sleep you need. Try blue-light blocking glasses (especially after 6 p.m.), turning down your thermostat to create a comfy sleeping environment, and limiting your alcohol consumption before bed. 
  • End Your Showers With a Cold Shot: Alternating hot with cold at the end of your daily shower can be helpful at increasing blood flow to your brain and body. Translation? It can boost your energy! 
  • Take Our Energy Panel: If you’re trying all the lifestyle modifications, it might be something on the inside that’s causing an obstacle to your good energy. Blood testing, like with our Energy Assessment, is the only and best way to determine if your body needs more internal support than lifestyle changes can give it.

How to Identify If Your Fatigue Is More Than Tiredness

If you’ve tried all our tips for boosting your energy and you’re still feeling depleted, then it may be time you seek out additional lab testing. It’s important to get a more in-depth panel to help diagnose what’s really going on. For the month of January, we’re offering personalized health assessments to help you do the detective work and get to the bottom of your symptoms.
It could be as simple as taking the test, meeting with us, and devising a plan to increase your energy in 2020. Head over to our website for detailed information about the Energy Panel. Energy not your issue? We’re offering packages to explore and address concerns related to hormones and energy, so you can make 2020 the year you prioritize your health.



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