What’s the Deal With Collagen Supplements? We Break Down the Hype

Remember the bone broth craze, touted for boosting immunity, promoting gut health, and as the fountain of youth to protect skin from the common signs of aging? Most of the bone broth benefits were centered on one important component—collagen—and now that same component has become the go-to supplement on store shelves.  Collagen supplements everywhere, from… Read More

Anxiety Treatments: Should I Choose Conventional Prescriptions or Natural Medicine?

Anxiety. Not only can it feel debilitating and overwhelming, stressing out about treatment options can serve to merely compound your anxious feelings. With all the information out there now, where do you start? With us, right here, one step at a time. In integrative medicine, you’ll find lots of non-medication remedies to treat your anxiety.… Read More

How to Choose the Best Supplements for You (And What to Avoid)

With recent trends towards naturopathic medicine, supplements have gotten a huge popularity boost. Why take a prescription when you can get what you need from diet change and vitamins? While I’m a big fan of medical personalization and know that there are certain supplements that can support general health, most people take a boatload of… Read More