Anxiety Treatments: Should I Choose Conventional Prescriptions or Natural Medicine?

Anxiety. Not only can it feel debilitating and overwhelming, stressing out about treatment options can serve to merely compound your anxious feelings. With all the information out there now, where do you start? With us, right here, one step at a time. In integrative medicine, you’ll find lots of non-medication remedies to treat your anxiety.… Read More

The Benefits of CBD and How It Impacts Your Body

Unlike some health trends, I’m really ecstatic that CBD is becoming more mainstream. And that something that is thought to be taboo (aka taking a derivative of the marijuana plant) is becoming known for its health benefits. If you’ve not heard of CBD, let’s start at the beginning: What’s the endocannabinoid system? There is a… Read More

Why You Should Be Adding MCT Oil to Your Morning Coffee

If you’ve scrolled any wellness hashtags on social media, you’ve likely seen trainers, chefs, bloggers and the occasional layperson stirring grass-fed butter or coconut oil into their morning lattes. The question is: WHY. And we’ve got the answer: MCT oil. MCT oil has numerous health benefits, ranging from weight management to improved cognitive function. But… Read More