Meet MIMC’s Newest Team Member: Dietitian-Nutritionist Katherine Huber

We’re excited to welcome Katherine Huber to the MIMC team! Katherine is a registered dietitian nutritionist and specializes in integrative and functional nutrition. As a member of MIMC, you will get the opportunity to work with Katherine to dive deeper into the nutrition and lifestyle components of your wellness journey. But first, let’s go to… Read More

[GUEST POST] Chiropractic: An Under-utilized Tool in Fighting Inflammation

When you think of inflammation, what comes to mind? Swelling, heat, pain, or redness? What about fatigue, muscle ache, joint stiffness, lack of appetite, poor physical performance, brain fog? Often, we associate inflammation with external physical symptoms and forget that inflammation is systemic, affecting the internal environment, as well. Chiropractic is often associated with the… Read More