A Gut Feeling: What Your Gas, Bloating, Anxiety, or Skin Issues Could Mean About Your Microbiome.

Does your gut feel off? Perhaps you’ve been noticing more gas, bloating, or inconsistent bowel movements. While there are a number of reasons this could be the case (and working with a functional medicine provider can help you get to the root of your digestive concerns), one common area we explore when it comes to… Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How Your Body’s Microbiome Can Impact Your Breast Health

It’s October, which means out come the pink ribbons and co-branded, limited-edition Breast Cancer Awareness gear. But even if you aren’t one of the one in eight women in the United States diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime, breast health is tied to your overall health. And that can begin with your body’s microbiome.… Read More

The Potential Side Effects of Hormonal Birth Control

Let’s get this out of the way up front: This isn’t an article bashing birth control, because the way you choose to maintain and control your fertility is up to you. However, it’s also important to be an educated advocate for your own health. When you’re having that conversation with your provider about what birth… Read More

What’s the Deal With Collagen Supplements? We Break Down the Hype

Remember the bone broth craze, touted for boosting immunity, promoting gut health, and as the fountain of youth to protect skin from the common signs of aging? Most of the bone broth benefits were centered on one important component—collagen—and now that same component has become the go-to supplement on store shelves.  Collagen supplements everywhere, from… Read More