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The Benefits of Membership at MIMC

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Wellness

Proper health comes from close, continuous collaboration with your health care team. Often times there is not just one root-cause of your concerns, as your body is all interconnected—when one system slows down, it can impact the rest. Finding and correcting all the pieces to your puzzle takes time and dedication from both you, and your care team.

And while natural methods, and lifestyle interventions are the best way to reverse and prevent disease, they often need more time to work to get you back to feeling like yourself again. That’s why we offer membership plans at MIMC—plans that allow the time and space for your success.

Why a Membership Model?

Working together with your care team, we will develop a plan—including nutrition, natural medicines, exercise, mind-body and more—that is customized to your lifestyle and needs. We’re there for you when you need additional support, recipe recommendations, or a kick in the pants and our continuous collaboration allows for frequent updates to your health plan based on your progress.

That’s why we offer membership at MIMC, so you have access to your care team without worrying about the cost of each individual visit, message, or phone call.

Health and healing is also not just about leaving your doctor’s visits with a bag full of supplements or prescriptions. We believe that 90% of health and healing is what you do outside of your time spent with us in the office. We just don’t have enough time in an hour-long appointment to scratch the surface on the importance of the foundations of health.

With membership, you’ll gain access to your care team in an unprecedented way AND you’ll have access to resources that help you dig in and do some honest reflection about what foundations of health are strong in your life and which ones need a little extra support.

That’s what membership can offer. But let’s break it down even more.

Benefits of Membership at MIMC

Comprehensive Initial Assessment

You’ll get a detailed 90-minute intake and physical exam with your doctor to get to the root cause of your concern.

Unparalleled Access to Your Care Team

Members get unlimited direct messages with providers through our HIPPA compliant app. Our providers reply with thoughtful, thorough responses to actually address your concerns in between visits. This gives you the space to make adjustments to your treatments with the insight of professional practitioners, all from the comfort of your home.

Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up visits that 30-60 minute visits enable you to review lab work, get your questions answered, and receive further support from your care team.

Only the Best Medicine

Unlike other providers, our team is trained in integrative and functional medicine, meaning they take the time to listen to you, take a root-cause approach to diagnosing your concerns, and utilize nutrition, herbs, lifestyle changes, and cutting-edge testing to not only reverse and prevent disease, but to help you thrive.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our functional testing allows us to dig deeper and uncover the root cause of your concerns.

Discounts on the Best in Medicine

Physician-grade supplements and personalized botanical formulas, all from the most reputable sources, are at your fingertips. Plus, you’ll get a discount on lab work and at our medicinary.

Convenience of the Internet

We are a fully digital practice, with online scheduling, access to medical records, and refill requests.

FSA & HSA Eligible

MIMC’s membership meets FSA and HSA requirements, meaning you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs easily.

Access to MIMC’s Exclusive Membership Community Group

Your membership with us is more important than just the visits you have with your care team. We truly believe that with the right guidance, information, and resources, YOU will be the one healing yourself.

That’s why we also offer members exclusive access to our online membership community group. This group offers:

  • In-depth resources on specific topics such as thyroid health, adrenal support, and age-specific hormone support.
  • Detailed courses, like Foundations of Health, that will help you advance to the next level of health and healing.
  • Mini-lessons from our providers on topics that you can’t get enough of!

Membership Gift Boxes

With your membership comes special gifts from our office, including MIMC swag (cute stuff, we promise), better personal care items, limited edition supplements and teas, and more.

The Opportunity to Be Part of a Community

Yes, you’ll get exclusive access to our online community, but you’ll also have the chance to get to know all the team members in our office. We’re a small but mighty team and you’ll get to know everyone from our admin team to the practitioners on staff. Soon, your doctor appointments will be like visiting old friends—no stress or trauma here!

Learn more about membership here, and give us a call if you have any questions—we’re here to help.


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